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Vice Director of Global Development Institute of Tsinghua University

view:195   Date: 2017-07-26

Vice Director of Global Development Institute of Tsinghua University

Visits MCC Overseas M Sdn. Bhd.

On July 26, 2017, Prof. Zhao Kejin, Vice Director of Global Development Institute of Tsinghua University and his team visited MCC OverseasMalaysiaand were warmly received by Mr. Robin Yang, Deputy General Manager of MCC, and Managing Director of MCC OverseasMalaysia.

Tsinghua PhD students who have been on a Social Practice Project in MCC Overseas (Malaysia) shared their experiences and achievements before Mr. Robin introduced to Professor Zhao Kejin and his delegation the overall situation of MCC Overseas Company in Malaysian market. As one of the earliest Chinese-funded enterprises entering Malaysia, MCC Overseas has completed its strategic development deployment in Malaysia based on Kuala Lumpur, expanding to Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Sabah, Sarawak, and at present, it is radiating throughout the entire Malaysia to Southeast Asia, creating MCC brand name and a new era of regional development management.

Robin Yang went on with significant activities that MCC OverseasMalaysiahas been working on. These activities focus on promoting the transfer of domestic high-quality production capacity to international market, on building and improving infrastructure interconnection such as speeding up the economical affordable housing projects and so on.

Under the strong background of “One Belt One Road” Initiative, there does exist great potential for PHD graduates to cooperate with each other like counterparts and use Chinese large-scale enterprises as a good platform to set up research projects, to probe opportunities and take challenges in the cut-throat competition markets with newly innovated technologies. Such technologies include BIM for Affordable Housing, Financing System and Party Construction Research for Chinese Overseas Companies and so on and so forth. These are all based on the Cooperation Agreement signed between the two PARTIES on 9th May this year.

Zhao Pu from Tsinghua University Graduate Student Affair Office and Li Anwei of MCC OverseasMStrategic Department participated in the above activities.