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Independent Directors of MCC Group Inspected MCC Overseas(M) Sdn. Bhd.

view:384   Date: 2017-12-13

From 11th to 13th December, the Independent Directors of China Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Mr Yu Hailong, Ren Xudong and Chen Jiaqiang and his team visited MCC Overseas(M) Sdn. Bhd. and went further on inspection, researching and providing guidance on the Sunway Velocity Project, the W Hotel Project in Kuala Lumpur, and the 8-Conlay Commercial Complex Project comprising of Kempinski Hotel and Serviced Apartment in Kuala Lumpur and the 3.5 million-ton Alliance Steel Mills Project in Kuantan inside the MCKIP (Malaysia China Kuantan Industry Park). The accompanied are Guo Tongyin, Wei Hao from MCC Board of Directors Office, Mr. Robin Yang Deputy General Manager of MCC Overseas HQ, Managing Director of MCC OverseasMalaysia, Mr. Li Shichang, MCC Overseas Board Secretary, together with Danny Tsen, Deputy Managing Director of MCC OverseasMalaysiaand Mr. Yi Xiaofeng Senior Executive of MCC OverseasMalaysiaetc.

At the research work report meeting, RobinYang introduced to the Independent Directors the basic situation on the company's development history and business status, focusing on project implementation, project quality and safety management, corporate comprehensive risk prevention and control, ISO standardization and internal controlas well as the application of BIM building informationization corporate social responsibility and the work of Party building in here have been reported in detail.

After listening to the report, the Independent Directors fully acknowledged the achievements of Malaysian Company in recent years and rendered high praise. Subsequently, requirements were put forward for the future development of MCC Overseas Malaysian: First is to adhere to its own development goals, develop advantageous businesses with their own characteristics, identify opportunities with sharp eyesight, and undertake high-quality projects of influence force and profitability to lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

Second is to integrate the advantages of New China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group in the Malaysian market, establish brand advantages, form a brand effect, and gradually cover the market of entire Southeast Asian regions based on MCC Overseas (M) as the Center. The third is to actively expand new ideas for business management, convert business concepts, and completely developer and change thoroughly from being the Window Platform Company into the Regional Headquarters as orientation which have the ability to undertake engineering projects , to organize projects undertaken, to operate and manage the projects and businesses, with profitability and efficiency improvement, and proactively explore Investment + Model, accurately use investment leverage, pry projects through investment to obtain investment profits. The fourth is to strictly control the occurrence of various types of risks, ensure the quality and quality of the project, eliminate the possibility of all security incidents, do well in connecting with the local legal system, achieve legal survival, law-abiding operations, safeguard rights according to law, and do well in public relation maintenance.

Robin Yang responded that in accordance with the requirements of independent directors, he will do a good job in implementation of the regional strategic layout deployment, brand image establishment, project operation management, quality and safety supervision, and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and add new driving force for the transformation and development of MCC Overseas (M).