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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets with Minister of Finance and Planning of South Sudan

view:11   Date: 2017-09-04

On the September 4th , Chairman Zou Weimin accompanied the General Manager of MCC Group Mr. Zhang Zhaoxiang to meet with Minister of Finance and Planning of South Sudan Hon.Stephen Dhieu Dau in MCC Headquarter, Beijing. Both Parties had a friendly exchange regarding numerous topics including Sport Complex Project, civil infrastructure development, resource exploration and other fields of cooperation.

Mr. Zhang firstly expressed his gratitude to South Sudan Ambassador to China in providing long-term support to MCC Group and emphatically introduced MCC Group’s substantial experience and expertise in metallurgical fields. He mentioned that MCC Group is the largest and strongest contractor in metallurgical construction and service provider in metallurgical enterprise operations. MCC have undertaken more than 90% domestic and more than 60% global metallurgical construction projects. In 2016, MCC Group total operating income exceeding USD $35 billion. Last year, MCC Group merged with another top 500 companies called China Minmetals Corporation (short for China Minmetals) and the yearly total operating income exceeding USD $60 billion. At present, MCC Group 80% of scope of business is covering in engineering construction, except metallurgical construction projects, MCC is actively involved in domestic and international infrastructure construction which including high-rise building, large comprehensive stadium project, high speed project, road and bridge civil related constructions. Chinese National Stadium known as bird nest is one of the masterpiece of MCC Group.

Mr. Zhang Zhaoxiang emphasized that in 2015, MCC Overseas signed the Cooperation Agreement on Juba Sport Complex Project with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of South Sudan; in 2016, the two parties signed the EPC contract of the project. Feasibility study report and detailed working plans are also expecting to be completed. Mr. Zhang expressed that currently the political, economic and social sectors of South Sudan are in the recovery stage, while an array of large-scale infrastructures like roads and bridges are in the dire need for development and construction. As a Chinese saying goes, if you want to get rich, you have to build roads first. The current situation in South Sudan is similar to 1980s-1990s China, attaches its priority to the building of roads and bridges in pursuit of economic growth. Boasting thriving growth for nearly 40 years, China has established excellent transportation and logistics systems that remarkably and positively boost its social and economic prosperity. MCC Group would like to leverage its advantage technologies, capital and personnel for sustainable and extensive cooperation with the Government of South Sudan in diversified fields and for great success of the project.

Zou Weimin pointed that MCC Overseas has been staying in close contact with the Government of South Sudan and the Embassy of South Sudan in China. The pre-feasibility study report of Juba Sport Complex Project signed between MCC Overseas and the Government of South Sudan in late December 2017 is expecting to be completed within this month. Zou called on the two parties to work together to complete the project as soon as possible.

Mr. Stephen spoke highly of the strong ability of MCC Group in construction of infrastructures (e.g. roads and bridges) and said the Group has won great popularity and reputation in South Sudan. As the country is currently in the initial stage of construction amid a stable political situation, the Government of South Sudan will committed to support the investment and development of Chinese businesses to develop in the country and ensure the smooth growth of the project. He stressed that Juba Sport Complex Project is critical to the country and the project can also be the icebreaker of MCC Group in the South Sudan market. Mr. Stephen encouraged MCC Group to extend cooperation with South Sudan in a wide range of fields including agriculture and mining industry, jointly seeking for long-term development.

South Sudan Ambassador to China Dr. Michael Milli Aussein, Head of Economic, Trade and Investment Section Ambassador Monday Kumba, Minister Plenipotentiary Hanafi James Killa, Deputy General Manager of MCC Overseas Mr. Chen Changan participated in the above meeting.