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Zou Weimin Met with South Sudan Ambassador Michael Milly Hussein

view:38   Date: 2017-11-03

Zou Weimin, Chairman of MCC Overseas made an invited visit to South Sudan Embassy and met with His Excellency Ambassador Michael Milly Hussein, South Sudan Ambassador to China. The two sides made an in-depth exchange on how to expedite the progress of Sports Complex Building Project, SPLM Project, Affordable Housing Project, as well as mining projects that the two sides has been working closely on.

Zou, on behalf of MCC Overseas, extended his appreciation for the hospitality of His Excellency and the support the Embassy has been giving to MCC in developing South Sudan market before he briefly introduced MCC Group and MCC Overseas core business. He was delighted to see new progress made in Sports Complex Building project, Affordable Housing project and Foreign Affair Mail System project. In the following efforts, MCC Overseas will coordinate available resources to expedite all the project. Meanwhile, MCC Overseas, as the investment platform of MCC Group in mining industry, hopes to develop its mining business in South Sudan. Zou pointed out that, the success of the 19th session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China signaled future direction for the relations between China and South Sudan, and hoped that in the following new year of 2018, there would be more high-profile visits between top leaders of the two countries, which will help lay political foundation for bilateral economic cooperation as well as project implementations.

His Excellency Ambassador Michael warmly welcomed Zou. He is pleased to see growing political stability in South Sudan and political stability gives rise to increasing investment from Chinese investors. At current stage, South Sudan is in eager need for infrastructure, mining development, property development, as well as electricity power supply. South Sudan is more than happy to work with large Chinese enterprises like MCC Group which has rich experience and strong expertise, to develop its economy and improve the livelihood for its people. South Sudan government would give MCC Overseas full support in its cooperation with South Sudan.

South Sudan Ambassador Raphael Nhial Kulang, Ambassador Monday and Assistant to President of MCC Overseas Li Shichang were present at the meeting.