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Chairman Zou Weimin met with Zimbabwe Ambassador to China Mr. Paul Chikawa

view:287   Date: 2018-05-22

On the afternoon of May 22nd , Chairman Zou Weimin visited the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to China Mr. Paul Chikawa in the Embassy. Both parties had a friendly and in-depth exchange in numerous topics including Zimbabwe's infrastructure, steel works and mineral resources projects.

Chairman Zou expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Paul for his hospitality and briefed him on the information of MCC Group and MCC Overseas Ltd. As a large state-owned enterprise in China, MCC is the largest national team in metallurgical construction in China. At present, it has been developing steadily in four business sectors, including EPC contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. It ranked 120th in the World Top 500 in 2017, and was listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2009. As an important force of MCC's overseas market development, MCC's business covers over 30 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Oceania and America. Chairman Zou briefly reviewed the business developing history of MCC in Zimbabwe, focusing on the achievements in water treatment plants, metallurgical construction and other fields. He said that MCC overseas pay great attention to the Africa market and we have made great efforts in Zanzibar, Tanzania, South Sudan and Botswana and made some achievements. Zou also briefed the ambassador about his experience of working on the water treatment plant project in Nigeria for three years and his deep feelings towards the African people and country. He hoped that through the talks, he could continue and carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields in Zimbabwe and make contributions to the economic and social development of Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Paul expressed his thanks and welcome to Zou Weimin for his visit, and recalled his 18 years of working in China and the ups and downs since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Zimbabwe on April 18, 1980. He pointed out that the political relations between China and Zimbabwe have been developing smoothly and they have always been good brothers in the international position, especially in the UN resolutions. The close political relations between China and Zimbabwe have ensured and promoted the steady growth of the economic relations between the two countries. As the largest investor of Zimbabwe, Chinese enterprises have provided great support for the economic development of Zimbabwe in the fields of mineral resources, agriculture and infrastructure. He stressed that with the increasing pressure on Zimbabwe to repay loans, the government of Zimbabwe mainly promotes investment projects, including power generation, transmission and road PPP projects. The ambassador also gave an in-depth introduction to the policy direction of the new Zimbabwean government and looked forward to the vision of the future close cooperation between the embassy in China and MCC overseas. He promised to play an active role as a platform and link to promote MCC overseas's smooth and successful exchanges and cooperation in Tianjin and wider fields.

Ambassador to China of Zimbabwe to China Mark Kazungo, accompanied by MCC overseas Xu Zihan, Ding Yannan, Zhou Yuyi and Kong Qingqiang attended the above activities.