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Chairman Zou Weimin was invited to attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration of IMPA Program of Tsinghua University

view:157   Date: 2018-07-07

On the afternoon of 7thJuly, Chairman Zou Weimin was invited to attend 10th Anniversary Ceremony of IMPA international program and 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony of School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University. Mr. Chen Deming, Former Minister of Commerce, Mr. Li Xiaobing, President of the Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce and Diplomats from 15 countries were invited.

On behalf of the MCC Group and MCC Overseas Ltd, Chairman Zou extended warm congratulations to all the graduates of the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University.

Chairman Zou recalled the years of cooperation between the MCC Group, MCC Overseas and Tsinghua University. In May 2017, under the witness of Guo Wenqing, the General Manager of China Minmetals Group and China Metallurgical Group and Tsinghua University signed the Agreement on providing social practice opportunities for Postgraduate students from Tsinghua University. As early as 2012, MCC Overseas signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Managment. Over the past six years, MCC Overseas have supported more than 300 IMPA & MIDG officials (students) from more than 70 countries with various kinds of social practice activities, which will make them more involved in the learning about state-owned enterprises and understanding Chinese culture.

MCC Group and MCC Overseas has always been actively fulfilling the "going out" strategy advocated by the Central People’s Committee. As an important force of MCC's overseas market development platform, MCC Overseas has been always following the national strategic pace, constantly implemented the initiative of President Xi Jinping, focused on the "One Belt One Road" strategy, and fulfilling the social responsibility of state owned enterprises.

Chairman Zou stated that the mission for all the graduating students is to closely link their destiny with the development of their country, and to share with the common well-being of all mankind. For the problems facing the world today, China has taken an active part in global governance. "One Belt and One Road" has provided great "positive energy" for promoting world peace and development and every each one of us should share this common belief in the future together.

Chairman Zou emphasized that MCC Overseas will continue to work with Tsinghua University and the School of Public Policy Management. He hopes that all the graduating students can bring the knowledge and skills they have learned in China back to their country, maintain a strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge, develop the ability and habits in deep thinking and responsible for building a community of human kind to bring benefit for the people and the world.

Professor Yang Bin, the Vice President and Dean of Tsinghua University, Professor Xue Lan, Dean of School of Public Policy Management, teachers from the University, journalists from Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily all attended the ceremony.