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MCC Overseas Holds Oil Painting Event to Mark International Women’s Day

view:186   Date: 2019-03-11

The Committee of Trade Unions of MCC Overseas marked the International Women’s Day by holding an oil painting event where women staff can take their mind off work and enjoy their time painting.

Early in the morning, women staff arrived at the oil painting studio and picked from dozens of painting examples their favorite to embark on. Painting instructors there were very patient with teaching the staff step by step from sketching outlines to matching colors, saving them from worrying that their painting would turn out to be a disaster. After two hours of hard work and happy talk, the whole picture started to show itself. The ladies seemed to be taken by great surprise and a sense of accomplishment to see how incredible their paintings have turned to be. The painting room was filled with laughter and praise when they came to appreciate each other’s work. The event ended with big smiles and beautiful oil paintings.

Apart from a great time painting and sharing, the event has more to offer. It is of the company’s intention to show its appreciation towards women staff for their contribution to the family, the company, and the society as a whole, and to acknowledge how indispensable and irreplaceable they have been in our life.