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MCC Overseas Won the Bid for Indian ISL Blast Furnace and Sinter Plant Project

view:284   Date: 2019-05-31

On May 22, MCC Overseas found itself delighted by the fact that it finally received the Letter of Award issued by Ind Synergy Limited for its wining of the bid for ISL Blast Furnace and Sinter Plant Project. Wining of this project is the result of six months’ project following, technical exchanges and negotiations.

Guided by MCC Group’s development vision of ‘’Focusing on the main business of MCC and building a Wonderful MCC’’, MCC Overseas strives to develop Indian market and strengthen MCC brand recognition with strong core technologies in metallurgical industry and its ability to integrate and coordinate resources in the field.

Located in Raigarh, India, the project includes commissioning of blast furnace and sinter plant and technical services for startup plant and has a scheduled duration of 8 months. Winning of this project further consolidates the competitiveness of MCC Overseas in Indian market, lays good foundation for further development of Indian market, and further improves the reputation and brand influence of MCC Group and MCC Overseas in India.