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MCC Overseas Held Belt and Road Corporate Open Day

view:192   Date: 2019-07-10

MCC Overseas Corporate Open Day, which takes the theme “strengthening people-to-people bond and co-building the Belt and Road” was held on July 8th. A team of 29 government officials from countries along “the Belt and Road” who enrolled in IMPA and MIDG program in Tsinghua University led by Zhu Xufeng, Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management, visited MCC.

The Tsinghua team was showed around MCC Exhibition Hall that displays the development and achievements of MCC over the past six decades in its role as the National Team of Metallurgical Construction, the Main Force of Infrastructure Construction and the Pioneer of New Industry. Members of the team were deeply impressed by what MCC can do and what it has achieved. MCC brand has made an indelible print in their minds. It is a great pleasure, they said, to be the bridge between their home country and MCC and let more people know about MCC.

After the Exhibition, the Tsinghua team was received by MCC Overseas at its office where the two sides had a great talk and exchange. Zou Weimin, Chairman of MCC Overseas and Yang Ruobing, President of MCC Overseas, welcomed all the teachers and students and congratulated the students on their graduation. Zou pointed out that MCC Overseas established strategic cooperative relationship with School of Public Policy and Management in 2012. Over the past eight years, the two sides have developed a close relationship through a series of social practice activities in China, such as the trip to Jiangxi and Shanxi from June 21 to June 29 this year.

As a vital force in MCC’s overseas market development, MCC Overseas has always attached great importance to corporate social responsibility and school-enterprise cooperation. MCC Overseas is delighted to provide a platform for friends from countries along “the Belt and Road” to know more about China, Chinese people, and Chinese enterprises. Over the past eight years, MCC Overseas has jointly organized social practice activities with School of Public Policy and Management, and has established great friendship with nearly 500 government officials from over 70 countries along the “Belt and Road”. “I hope” Zou said, “when you go back to your country, you can tell your families and friends about China and MCC, so that our friendship could be a shining star on “the Belt and Road”.

It is of MCC Overseas intention to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by organizing and supporting the social practice activities and corporate open day for IMPA and MIDG program students and it is in line with its corporate culture of “Kind and Sincerity, Integrity and Inclusiveness, Appreciation and Dedication”.

President Xi Jinping stressed that, the relationship between two country lies in the people-to-people bond. MCC Overseas has been endeavoring to implement the people-to-people bond of “Belt and Road “Initiative by introducing China and what it has achieved to more foreign friends. MCC Overseas’ cooperation with Tsinghua has further implications for the future.

Mr.Zhu thanked Zou for his warm reception and thoughtful arrangements for this visit. He pointed out that the cooperation between MCC Overseas and Tsinghua University has been a close long-term and comprehensive one. In 2016, the IMPA program is awarded the benchmark and rate of the national education aid project by the Ministry of Commerce. The cooperation between the two sides has provided a valuable opportunity for overseas students through field investigation in many provinces of China, which has a good foundation for the “Belt and Road” in the future. Through cooperation and exchange between the two parties, the international community will have a deeper understanding of China’s modernization process and reform and opening up, which provides Chinese wisdom and solutions to the world.

Zhu Xufeng believes that with the deepening cooperation between the two parties, students who return to and work for their own country will become the bridge connecting China and their homeland, and provide important support for the future development of MCC and MCC Overseas.

After the exchange, young employees of MCCO and Tsinghua teachers and students joined a buffet together at MCC’s canteen. Before the buffet, the two sides had a great time playing games and dancing. MCC Overseas prepared games with Chinese characteristics such as “musical chairs”, “chopsticks and peanuts”, and “name game” and the students shared their African traditional dance. Culture works as a bond that brought everyone closer to each other. It is truly a harmonious moment that people will never forget.

Throughout this event, MCC Overseas employees have been actively engaged with friends from countries along the “Belt and Road”. This event is the first MCC corporate open day of MCC “Seventy Years of Brilliance -- MCC in the New Era” corporate open day series and in its future endeavors, MCC Overseas will promote “MCC Brand” through multi-channels and with multi-dimensions so as to contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of MCC’s “Overseas Strateg”.