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Structural Engineer



Structural Engineer

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Graduated from civil engineering related majors


Over 15 years

The release date of recruitment




1. Be familiar with the relevant technical specifications, contract requirements and review the construction drawings before the implementation of the project to ensure the initiative and advance control of project implementation 2. Before the implementation of the sub projects, review the feasibility, pertinence, economy of the construction plan, and put forward professional advice 3. Participate in the review of the material samples submitted by contractors and suppliers to ensure that they meet the requirements of the design and the special technical specifications of the contract 4. Control the quality in the construction, if find any thing improper, ask the contractor to correct it to ensure quality of the project 5. Follow up and evaluate whether the resource input by the contractor meets the requirements of the project to reach the deadline of the project 6. Coordinate with related departments to check and accept the concealed work, sub projects etc. to ensure the smooth transfer of the project as scheduled. 7. Responsible for the completion, inspection and transfer work of all technical documents and materials in the implementation process; collect, collate and complete data, and check to ensure it’s correct and completed 8. Assist project manager to do final project accounts.

Other requirements

1.Familiar with the relevant technical specifications in metallurgy industry and construction

2.Familiar with control of quality, time limit and cost in construction process

3.Familiar with project budget and final accounts, etc.

4.Good team work, communication and coordination skills

5.Long-term work abroad


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Salary negotiable