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Strategic Planning Department employee



construction cost

Number of recruitment




College degree or above


Marketing, Computing, Communications, Information engineering or related major is preferred


2 years and over in the Internet and IT Company, technician or sales experience

The release date of recruitment




1. The company's products pre-sale support, scheme design, field test and project implementation; 2. Provide technical support and technical training to colleagues the end user and channel partners; 3. Maintain company information technology software and hardware system, responsible for the network/line/terminal maintenance, data backup, system maintenance, etc.; 4. Responsible for all products (conference call, video conference, IM system) of sales work; Assist the department heads to marketing strategy, marketing management and strategy planning; Responsible for all business customers consulting, solutions and product presentation, etc.; 5. Assist project manager to prepare the project acceptance documents; 6. Complete other project work and other work task assigned by superiors;

Other requirements

1.Familiar with Windows, Linux operating system installation, configuration, optimization, monitoring, version upgrades and patches installation techniques, etc.;

2.Familiar with Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL database configuration, optimization, monitoring, backup, patch installation, system upgrading technology;

3.Understand all kinds of firewalls, antivirus software deployment and version upgrades, virus, the virus monitoring;

4.Understanding of computer network, have certain ability of operation and fault analysis, understand the common network fault judgment and handling. Know to use test tool to test network lines. Familiar with basic network equipment: general servers, switches, routers, network protocols; Familiar with LAN and WAN planning and deployment, maintenance of the monitoring work and practice experience, good at writing file operations manual, able to work independently to complete the project plan and document writing;

5.Honesty, diligence, optimistic, has the sense of responsibility to work, can work under pressure and have team work spirit;

6.Telephone conference industry experience is preferred.


Please send resume (with photo) to this mailbox:


Salary negotiable