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Accounting Supervisor



Accounting Supervisor

Number of recruitment



Bachelor degree or above


Domestic formal university financial major or foreign formal university management major returned students


8 years related industry or 5 year similar position working experienc

The release date of recruitment



30 above




1, Responsible for the headquarters of the annual accounting statements, regularly prepare the headquarters of financial and accounting reports; 2. Original value of fixed assets and depreciation, correct accounting provision for bad debts preparation, ensure that the account firm; 3. On supervision and audit area financial supervisor to submit various financial statement; 4. Summary monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated company, and timely report; 5. Prepare the bank deposit reconciliation on time; 6. Provide regular income, costs, expenses, profit and other indicators, to help supervise the implementation of financial plan; 7. Assist related departments to carry out the annual financial audit 8. Financial analysis, regularly compile headquarters management decision-making advice. 9. Financial analysis, regularly compile headquarters management decision-making advice 10. Other tasks assigned by superiors

Other requirements

1. Solid comprehensive knowledge in accounting, finance, statistics, finance, tax, law and so on;

2. 3 years financial management working experience in large foreign companies or state-owned enterprises and the ability of management team;

3. Familiar with accounting office software, Basic English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; Strong Chinese official document writing ability

4. Have a bright and cheerful disposition optimistic, good at communication, good physical quality can often go abroad on business.


Please send resume (with photo) to this mailbox:


Salary negotiable