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HR Supervisor



HR Supervisor

Number of recruitment



Bachelor degree or above


Domestic formal university financial major or foreign formal university management major returned students


More than 5 years of undergraduate course graduation or more than 3 years for postgraduate

The release date of recruitment


Under 40



1, Assist the leadership to complete the recruitment of staff; 2, Improve the recruitment system; development of recruitment plan; responsible for the implementation of the recruitment; 3, In charge of contact, select of external recruitment agencies, establish cooperative relations; 4, Perfect the training system; formulate the training plan; responsible for the implementation of the training work; 5, responsible for the organization of the group's internal Title Assessment management; 6. Other tasks assigned by superior.

Other requirements

1, understand the whole process of human resources management, familiar with a few module of human resources management, master the human resources in a certain area;

2, the domestic key university management major background, or abroad returned student in formal University with management major, obtain the recognition of qualifications at the Ministry of education to;

3, over 2 years working experience at large foreign enterprises or the central enterprises of human resources;

4, Basic English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; Strong Chinese official document writing ability;

5. Have a bright and cheerful disposition optimistic, good at communication; good physical quality can often go abroad on business.


Please send resume (with photo) to this mailbox:


Salary negotiable