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MCC International India Office

MCC International India Office

India office was formally established in the last century 90's,currently is located in Gurgaon region, New Delhi, the capital of India. India office takes advantages of MCC, serves the domestic and foreign customers towards whole India. The business scope of the office includes the import and export comprehensive services of the equipment, materials and technology needed by EPC engineering general contract, covering the filed of metallurgy, municipal, resource development, and equipment, spare parts related trade. The office also provides technical solutions for development and deep processing of resources in India.


1.UGML company Blast furnace general contract project

2.UGML company Sintering general contract project

3.SESA GOA company Blast furnace general contract project

4.SESA GOA company Sintering general contract project

5.South Steel Company Blast furnace general contract project

6. ESA steel Blast furnace general contract project

7.Usha Martin company Pellet general contract project

8.UGML blast furnace and sintering operation service project

9.UGML blast furnace and sinter maintenance service project

At present in the general contracting field of metallurgical engineering, India office is closely linked with big steel companies in India, including SAIL, NMDC, JINDAL group , ESSAR group, BHUSHAN group and UTTAM GALVA LIMITED etc..

The India office is closely related to the Chinese Embassy and consulate, and it is a member of the Chinese enterprise chamber of Commerce. It has a long-term cooperative relationship with Major chambers of Commerce and industry (especially the metallurgical industry).

India office under the help of the powerful enterprise strength of MCC, as well as our own good reputation, taking enterprise advantages of MCC international and developed information network is willing to provide quality services for Chinese and foreign customers.

General representative Yang Qingming

Deputy director of the Office Jin Chunfan

Assistant Manager Shi Yanchun

Market development manager Kumar


Tel: 0091-124-4296339

Mobile: 0091-8826960868

Address:V11-5, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 100024