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MCC International Indonesia Company

MCC International Indonesia Company

MCC Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCC. The company was established in the nineties of the last century. It has local construction, trade and other relevant qualifications. Its major business sectors including: EPC General contracting, resource development, equipment manufacturing, real estate development and the above related business services, MCC Indonesia integrate technology, engineering and trading to formed a multi-professional, cross –industry comprehensive company. MCC Indonesia has always been adhering to the core spirit of MCC for a long time: Focus on the development of MCC's main business from the perspective of the international-level high-end and the development of the whole metallurgical industry and capitalize on its unique core technology, consistent innovation ability and irreplaceable integration advantage of a whole metallurgical industry chain to continue consolidating the leading position of the world largest contractor in metallurgical construction and largest service provider in metallurgical enterprise operations. Relying on MCC’s excellent abilities in metallurgical research, investigation, design and construction, MCC Indonesia make efforts to establish the associative and complementary integrated business architecture, which include metallurgical engineering, high-end housing construction, mine construction and development , mid- and high-end real estate , municipal traffic infrastructure , core technology equipment and other comprehensive business. MCC Indonesia’s long-term commitment is to make Indonesia's most excellent building contractors, long-term focus on the cultivation of core competence, build a distinct advantage in the field of the blast furnace, residence buildings, municipal construction, traffic, and other fields. The company's main business are: EPC project general contracting, equipment manufacturing and steel structure production, resource development, real estate development, etc.

There are currently 150 employees in the company, including 29 Management staff, worked in market development department, the tender department, the contract management department, the project management and the finance department.

The director of the company is Huai Lianguo. He obtained the bachelor’s degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing and the master’s degree from China University of Petroleum, an intermediate economist; he is currently in full charge of MCC Indonesia.

MCC Indonesia inherit the spirit of "hard struggle, pursuit of excellence", under the leadership and team unremitting efforts, has made a series of impressive excellent grades in Indonesia. The current iconic projects has been completed are: Indonesia's largest private steel production enterprises Kalakatuo iron and Steel Corporation blast furnace engineering contracting project, Indonesia Sulawesi mining investment company ferronickel smelting project, Indonesia Taliabu Island iron ore project, Indonesia pan Asia cement plant project, Indonesia South Kalimantan conch cement project phase one, Jakarta affordable housing projects. At the same time the ongoing projects are: Zhejiang Zhenshi group ferronickel smelting project, Jakarta bandung CISUMDAWU highway project phase two, Indonesia Maluku province GEBE Taliabu island iron ore dressing plant project, Indonesia sulawesi BOSOWA nickel iron project and Halida Obi Island ferronickel smelting project.

MCC Indonesia construction site

MCC Indonesia construction site

MCC Indonesia construction site

MCC Indonesia construction site

To the future, MCC Indonesia will strive to become "Indonesia's largest and most optimal construction contractor" as a strategic goal. With " Do not delay or slack off a single day" in the spirit of enterprise, massive positive enterprising and continuous innovation, MCC Indonesia strive to create more brilliant achievements in Indonesia.


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