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MCC International Malaysia Company

MCC International Malaysia Company

1.MCC international (M) Sdn.Bhd

MCC INTERNATIONAL (M) Sdn.Bhd is a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation, which is a No. 354 company in 2014 Fortune Global 500 with total revenue of USD33.7 billion. It was incorporated in Malaysia as a limited company on 7 May 1992 with its principal business is construction sector.MCC OVERSEAS (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a company with Authorised Capital of RM10,000,000 and Paid up Capital RM8,000,000.

2.Organizational structure:

Director general manager of MCC INTERNATIONAL (M) SDN. BHD.

Yang Ruobing

Got the Bachelor’s degree of business administration and Master’s degree of project management, College of management, China University of Mining and Technology. He successively held the posts of tester of CS&S cyber resources company, Office staff of MCCT transportation Department, project manager of MCCO management department, manager assistant of MCCO Indonesia Office, deputy manager of MCCO Indonesia office, deputy manager of MCCO Malaysia office, general manager of MCCO Malaysia office. Now he is the deputy general manager of MCCO, director and general manager of MCC OVERSEAS (M) SDN. BHD.

MCC INTERNATIONAL(M) Sdn.Bhd is a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation, which is a No. 326 company in 2015 Fortune Global 500 with total revenue of USD35.8 billion.

MCC INTERNATIONAL (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia as a limited company on 7 May 1992 with its principal business is construction sector.

MCC INTERNATIONAL (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a company with Authorised Capital of RM10,000,000 and Paid up Capital RM8,000,000.

3.On Going Projects in Malaysia:

Company is implementing 10 projects with total value of 5.6 billion RMB, mainly cooperate with members of the MCC group and local organizations.

1.W-HOTEL - Hotel & Service Residences Development, Kuala Lumpur Situated on 1.28 acres land along Jalan Ampang next to PETRONAS Twin Towers.

Ground floor to 23rd floor: 5-Star Hotel, which will be operated and managed by International Hotel Management Group.25th floor to 53rd floor: The Residences comprise of 353 units of serviced apartments comprising one-, two- and three-bedroom units which range from 656 to 1,528 square feet. Total Contract sum of RM514mil. Targeted date of completion: April 2017.

2.Tropicana Avenue Mixed Development, PETALING JAYA Set on a 5.73 acres of prime land in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.

A mixed development comprised of

Total Construction area 118,000 Sq. M.

40-Storey Serviced Apartments Tower of 156m

18-Storey Office Tower

CONQUAS and GBI requirements.

Total Contract Sum of RM249mil

Targeted Date of Completion: 27th April 2015.

Tropicana apartment

3.Kuala Lumpur Manjiale first-phase Apartment Project

The first phase of the project is the continuing construction of a 32-floor apartment. The floor area of each floor is about 1300 square meters . The construction mainly includes the top structure and decoration engineering of the parking lot, the more than 28- layer structure of the apartment, decoration engineering of the apartment and rain drainage. The construction of the first phase is about roads, landscape and retaining wall, etc . The project started on May, 2014 and lasted for 15 months.

4.Johor Baru Country Garden Golden Bay 3D and 3F Apartment
The construction includes a 15-floor F1 apartment, a 19-floor F2 apartment , a 21-floor F3 apartment , a 28-floor D1 apartment , a 30-floor D2 apartment. The floor area is 150,000 square meters. It started on September 1th, 2014 and lasted for 29 months.

5.Johor Baru Paragon Apartment Project
The construction includes two 33-floor apartments, which floor area is 90,000 square meters . The project is located on the main pass between Malaysia and Singapore .The project started on April 1th, 2014 and lasted for 30 months.

6.Kuala Lumpur Sunway VELO 3R1 &3R2 Apartment Project
The construction includes two 31-floor apartments , which height is 115.789 meters and area is 120,000 square meters. The project started on September ,2014 and lasted 31 months.

7.Terengganu HaiHe Bridge Project

The bridge connects the capital of Terengganu state and an important a river ,which has a dual function of highway traffic and water navigation. And it is about 1 km away from the estuary. The four-lane bridge is 632 miles in length and the main span is 489 meters long, 23 meters wide, approach span is 30 meters wide. The Haihe River bridge is 489 meters long. Its main span is76 meters long, which is the Asia's largest span and the widdest vertical rotating movable stride bridge in the world.

8.Meridin at medini, Iskandar johor bahru

Two 27-storey hotel, housed in a total of 322 units and a 40-storey serviced apartments.

Total construction area = 170,000 m2

Construction Period = 32 Months

Total Contract Sum = RM400.5mil

Targeted date of completion: August 2017

9.Saville at cheras, kl apartment project

Total of 62 shops and a storey of 43 levels apartment building housed with a total of 252 apartments .

Total construction area = 110,000 m2

Construction Period = 37 Months

Total Contract Sum = RM126milion

Targeted date of completion: February 2018

10.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TRX landmark building projects

A 93 - storey office building, the building covers an area of 31 square.

Time limit for the project is 32 months. Project contract value is 1.7 billion RMB

4.Honor and qualification

2014 Tropicana apartments and office buildings projects safety management is awarded by the 10th Malaysia occupational safety and health association.

CIDB qualification


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