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Shanghai Baosteel, ChinaPost date: 2015-10-10View:15

Shanghai Baosteel located in Baoshan District Shanghai ,is China's most competitive iron & steel enterprise with the highest level of modernization Baosteel made its the Fortune Global 500 fot the ninth consecutive time and ranked 197th in 2012.MCC undertook the EPC cont......

30MW Installed Capacity of Guodian Tangyuan Biomass Power Generation Project,ChinaPost date: 2015-08-29View:7

Tangyuan Biomass Power Generation Project of China Guodian Group with installed capacity 30MW,designed by MCC.......

Wuxi Xidong Domestic garbage Incineration Power Plant,ChinaPost date: 2015-08-29View:5

Wuxi Xidong Domestic Garbage Incineration Power Plant,developed by MCC on BOT mode,with design capacity 200t/d.......

The Second Period of shanghai Confluent Sewage Treatment Project- Bailong Port Sewage Treatment Plant,ChinaPost date: 2015-08-29View:6

Shangliai Heliu Sewage Treatment Project Phase II (Bailong Port Sewage Treatment Plant),the largest Treatment Plant in the world with capacity of 1.72 million t/d . MCC undertook construction work of the project.......

TOT Project of Sewage Treatment Plant in Shouguang City,ChinaPost date: 2015-08-29View:4

Sewage Treatment Plant in Shouguang City,developed by MCC based on TOT mode,with capacity of 120 thousand t/d.......

Intermediate Water Treatment works under the 3rd phase Project of MCC,ChinaPost date: 2015-08-29View:7

Intermediate Water Treatment Works under the 3rd phase project of MCC Paper,with capacity of 100 thousand t/d . developed and constructed by MCC.......