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Job Title: Senior Project Director (America)


Job Description

1.     Work and coordinate with marketing managers, project owners, developers, construction companies, and governments in America and neighbor countries.

2.      EPC biding and quotation, including biding document interpretation, risk evaluation, team building, document preparation, calculating working honors, making technical solution plans, making financing plans, computing biding price, sorting and coding biding documents, etc.

3.     Contract negotiation and management.

4.      Project management, including project design, procurement, construction, and pilot operation.

5.     Identify new technology and materials to save energy and protect the environment.


1.     Master of Architecture, Civil Engineering or related majors. Eight years of working experience in architecture and engineering.

2.     Certain knowledge about American market, industry practices and norms, qualification procedures, American contractor associations, and labor unions.

3.     Proficiency in written and spoken English.

4.     Good communication, execution and team work skills; strong ability to work under pressure.