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Chairman's oration

It has been fifteen years since MCC International was founded in 2006. It is fifteen years’ of hardships as well as hard work. MCC International has developed from reform and has grown through competition. Thanks to the hard work of all our employees and the top-down design of MCC International, we now have business presence and brand recognition worldwide. With years’ of development, MCC International has become the only platform through which China Minmetals and MCC Group develop EPC contracting business overseas.

It is our ultimate goal to provide our clients with quality services. Guided by international business protocols, MCC International is deeply committed to the pursuit of mutual benefits and win-win outcomes. We are more than happy and ready to contribute to the international community with Chinese Wisdom and Chinese Solution whenever needed. It is also our aspiration to go beyond our own limits and become one of the best regarded international enterprises.

We survive and thrive by creating more value for our partners. MCC International is a team-oriented company that always looks forward to working in collaboration with its counterparts. As a central enterprise, MCC International fulfills its corporate responsibilities by responding actively to “Belt & Road” Initiative. And by optimizing both internal and external driving forces, MCC International strives to maximize the value of our business.

Our employees are the backbones of our business. As the society as a whole is moving closer to completing the tasks of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, MCC International, as part of that endeavor and as a people-oriented company, wants to show its heartfelt appreciation to all its employees. We value your hard work and contribution very much and we want to share with you the benefits we’ve created together. All for one and one for all! We are together in building MCC International and we are together in building the “Chinese Dream”.

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, MCC International is well-prepared and confident that it can turn blueprints into reality. It is our corporate culture that we waste no day and never stop making progress. We believe what the future holds for MCC International is incredibly promising!